Direct Giver’s Program (DGP)
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As with IFAPAC, individual members of NAIFA may make contributions to the Insurance and Financial Advisors Direct Givers Program (IFA/DGP) which is also known in Wisconsin as a “conduit fund”. By the nature of Wisconsin politics, conduit monies are sometimes perceived by candidates as more personal and in fact they are counted as personal contributions when candidates file their election finance reports.

To participate in the DGP, you must be willing to contribute $300 annually to IFAPAC or $25 monthly.

When the DGP Governing Committee determines to make a contribution to a candidate, they will contact you by email to request using part or all of your funds to make the contribution. You must respond within 48 hours by email. If you so authorize, your funds will go to the candidate along with a letter explaining that all the funds are the personal contributions of NAIFA member participants in the DGP and listing your name.

This fund is designed for those, who wish to have more control over their funds and who don’t mind spending the time and effort to manage their contributions.

To participate in the IFA/DGP, fill out the pledge card and return to Wendy Speckerman at the NAIFA-Wisconsin office by fax at (703) 621-3795 or by email at

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors-Wisconsin

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