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Lawmaker Seeks More Student Financial Literacy

Wednesday, December 21, 2016   (0 Comments)
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For Appleton high schoolers, there are moments when it clicks.

Plotting out their futures, they add up the cost of college tuition and living expenses. They look at the projected income of their prospective career. They calculate the weight of student loans attached to their plans. It sinks in.

That often makes them rethink their assumptions about college, said Rita O'Brien, dean of career-based learning for Appleton public schools. Maybe they'll consider a community college. Maybe they'll buckle down on scholarship applications, or get a part-time job. At least they'll see what's coming before it hits them.

O'Brien said Appleton schools have long required students to take a class in personal finance to prepare them for such realities. But at last count, many Wisconsin school districts did not require a personal finance course.

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